ENGG 221 The Black Atlantic II: The Global Eighteenth Century

Welcome to the webpage for Dr. Emily MN Kugler‘s ENGG 221: The Black Atlantic II: The Global Eighteenth Century. This graduate-level course at Howard University meets Wednesdays, 12:10 to 2:00pm.

Course Description

From the Catalogue:

Restoration and Eighteenth Century English Literature. 3 crs. ea. Comprehensive study of the major works and trends.

A Bit More Information

This course focuses on Anglophone literature in the Atlantic World, primarily from the British Empire of the 18th and 19th centuries. Although not all authors will be from or writing explicitly on the African diaspora, the course will look at what scholars have termed “the Global Eighteenth Century” from the perspective of the Black Atlantic (see Gilory, et al.). The primary sources assigned range from drama (performed and suppressed), letters, journals, novels, and histories. One of the central questions of this course will be how the blurring of genre categories fits into the ideological contexts producing these texts.

Although the majority of the reading will have been originally written in English, students are encouraged to bring sources from other languages (as well as genres, topics, etc.) into class discussions as well as their research for the seminar paper.

This course draws on the material from ENGG 222: The Black Atlantic, but prior enrollment in that course is not a requirement. Drawing on recent scholarship, a key concern of this course is to what extent the many permeations of the “Atlantic World” provides a useful or potentially limiting framework for approaching the literature of this era.

A current version of the syllabus is available here.

Required Texts

Primary Sources

  1. Anonymous/Winkfield, Unca Eliza. The Female American: Or, The Adventures of Unca Eliza Winkfield (1767). 2nd modern edition. Edited by Michelle Burnham and James Freitas. Broadview Press, 2014. (ISBN: 9781554810963) – ePub and PDF versions available on publisher’s site.
  2. Anonymous. The Woman of Colour: A Tale (1810). Edited by Lyndon J. Dominique. Broadview Press, 2007. (ISBN: 9781551111766)
  3. Earle, William. Obi, or, The History of Three-Fingered Jack (1800). Edited by Srinivas Aravamudan. Broadview Press, 2005 (ISBN: 9781551116693) – ePub and PDF versions available on publisher’s site.
  4. Sancho, Ignatius. Letters of the Late Ignatius Sancho, an African. Edited by Vincent Carretta. Broadview Press, 2015. (ISBN: 9781554811960) – ePub and PDF versions available on publisher’s site.
    • NB: The discontinued Penguin edition is also acceptable

    Secondary Sources

  5. Dillon, Elizabeth Maddock. New World Drama: The Performative Commons in the Atlantic World, 1649-1849. Duke University Press, 2014 (ISBN 9780822353416) – Electronic versions are widely available
  6. Nussbaum, Felicity, ed. The Global Eighteenth Century. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003 (ISBN: 9780801882692).


  7. Smallwood, Stephanie E. Saltwater Slavery: A Middle Passage from Africa to American Diaspora. Harvard University Press, 2008 (ISBN 9780674030688) – Electronic versions are widely available, but lack a one link listing them all.

Other required readings will be provided online through this website.