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Fall 2018 Schedule

Setting up an appointment:

Nota Bene:

If you have trouble uploading a mini-essay, try this link.

During the semester, additional events and activities will be incorporated into the schedule. Some will be required and others optional. Keep checking this site and the course Announcements.

Term Project Due:

Friday, December 14, 2018

  • Submit it to Scalar
  • Optional Opt-In to put on the main course website
  • All projects need to have a clear connection to the course and a rationale for the method/medium chosen.
  • All projects must cite all their sources, including images and other media.

Week One

Thursday, August 23

Week Two

Thursday, September 6

Swift. Gulliver’s Travels (1726)

Week Three

Thursday, September 13

A General History of Pyrates Vol I. (1724)

Volume II (1728)

  • Focus on: Vol. I. Ch. 7-8, 17; Vol. II: Ch. 3, 8-9, 11-14, 18
  • “Captain Charles Johnson and The General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pyrates” (“Pirate Mythtory, Ed Foxe, 2004”
  • From Michel Foucault, “What is an Author?” (1977)
  • Klein. “Busty Buccaneers and Sapphic Swashbucklers on the High Seas” Transatlantic Women of the Eighteenth Century collection, Ed. Misty Kreuger. Bucknell University Press. Forthcoming, 2018
    • Because this is still pre-publication, I am emailing you the chapter.
  • Linebaugh and Rediker. Introduction and Chapter 5 From  Many-Headed Hydra
  • Optional (mentioned in class):

Week Four

Thursday, September 13

Byrd. The Transit of Empire: Indigenous Critiques of Colonialism (2011)

Weaver. The Red Atlantic: American Indigenes and the Making of the Modern World, 1000-1927 (2014)

  • Introduction through Chapter 3 (Log into your HU library account to access the ebook)
  • The book seems to be no longer available. In its place, please read his earlier article “Red Atlantic: Transoceanic Cultural Exchanges” American Indian Quarterly. 35.3 (Summer 2011): 418-463

Week Five

Thursday, September 20

Defoe. Captain Singleton (1720)

Week 6

FRIDAY, September 28

Meet at the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress no later than 10am. Afterwards, there is the option of lunch at the Supreme Court.

Our class starts at 10 am, so please arrive before then. A bit before we end at noon, you will have the opportunity to register for your reader card and there will be an optional trip to the Supreme Court for lunch.

The focus will be on Gulliver’s Travels.

I will also bring copies of Eovaai. If you haven’t paid, be prepared to either bring cash or deliver it electronically to me.

If you need to get in touch with me, I have emailed you all my mobile number.

Here are the directions:

To get there, attendees should enter the Jefferson Building on First Street SE (entrance facing the Capitol Building) under the big front staircase.

They should walk straight ahead all the way to the back of the building, which involves a winding corridor.

When at the back hallway of the building, take the elevator to the First Floor, and go to the far left; there will be a guard there to tell them where the classroom is.

Here is more information about visiting and doing research at the Library of Congress:

They can enter the Microform Reading Room right there to get a Reader Registration card, which only takes a few minutes.

They can speed up the process by filling out this web form ahead of time:

Google Map of Places in Gulliver's Travels

created by Peter Biggins “Map of locations in Gulliver’s Travels,

a book written in 1726 by Jonathon Swift (1667-1745)

Week 7

Thursday, October 5

Defoe. Roxanna (1724)

      • Switching this up a bit to tie into our digital humanities component.
        • Use Voyant and run the texts we have read so far through it. Do this for the texts individually and in whatever combination you see fit.
        • Write a response to this. This will count as a Mini-Paper and you can do an additional response if you so choose.
        • Further instructions will be added.
      • Harem and other  Plays
      • Rochester Poems
      • Other Secondary

Week 8

Thursday, October 11

Haywood. Adventures of Eovaai, Princes off Ijeaveo (1736)

      • Please read the introduction and appendices.
      • I have ordered copies for the class. To receive yours, please bring or send $15 and pick them up on Friday, September 28th during our LOC visit.

Week 9

Thursday, October 18

Debates in the Digital Humanities: I and II :

Please read at least five essays from each volume, plus the Wadewitz posts and Voyant exercise.

Also, make sure all your Mini-Papers are up on Scalar.

And Sign Up for Presentations: A survey will be emailed to you.

Volume I:

Volume II:

HASTAC 2013 series by Adrianne Wadewitz: “Looking at the Five Pillars of Wikipedia as a Feminist” Part 1 and Part 2.

Use Voyant and run some of the texts we have read so far through it. Do this for the texts individually and in whatever combination you see fit.

  • Write a response to this. This will count as a Mini-Paper and you can do an additional response if you so choose.

Other links here

Week 10

Thursday, October 25

Richardson. Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded (1740)

Presentations Start on the Additional Materials:

Additional Materials:

NB: Think about the presentation and purpose of these digital objects, in addition to reading for content.

Week 11

Thursday, November 1


Shelley. Frankenstein (1818 Edition)+ other readings


  1. Forrest: Popular culture adaptations
  2. Sheena: Black Frankenstein

Wollstonecraft tree.svg
By Kaldari – Original work created for Wikipedia, based on Family tree of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.gif on the English Wikipedia, Public Domain, Link

Week 12

Thursday, November 8

Class doesn’t meet in lieu of University of Maryland Symposium

If you cannot, you are to write a response to a scholarly text I will assign. I must be informed of this prior to November 1

Friday, November 9

The Body of Frankenstein: A One Day Anatomy

November 9, 2018
9:00 – 5:00 PM
2115 Tawes Hall

Saturday, November 10

Proposal for Term Project: Rationale and Outline  Due on Scalar

Week 13

Thursday, November 15

Selections from:

Saturday, November 17

Bibliography and Draft of Term Project Due on Scalar

Week 14

Thursday, November 22

No Class Today. We are on break.

Week 15

Thursday, November 29

  • Closing Discussion.
  • Discussion of final projects